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Unique object in Lithuania. Flat in island for sale.

Kėdainiai, Lietuva


“Dotnuva” Flat for sale in island

A unique place on the lake shore.
The mansion is built on the island.
Crossing the bridge. The island can be reached through 2 bridges.
There are a lot of authentic and original ornaments, a tile stove, high ceilings.

There is a pantry as well.

This place is for a relaxing holiday: nature, water, park, peace …
Area (m²): 52;
Room number: 2; Floor: 3; Height: 3,
Kitchen area: 9m²;
House type: Brick;
Heating: Solid fuel, furnace

some stories:

Palace in 1850 built by Russian Prime Minister P. Stolypin.
http://www.miestai.net/forumas/showthread.php?t=10635 Dotnuva Manor has been mentioned in written sources since the sixteenth century. He then belonged to Izakauskaite. XVII century he was ruled by Mlechka. Their daughters marched for the estate of Ivan Vladislav Bzhostovsky went to this family. 1701 Benedictine monks came from Vilnius to invite landlords of Bjostowski to Dotnuva. They built a new church, a monastery, in 1976. established a gymnasium. After the estate of Břostovsky was ruled by Ščitauskiai, in the seventeenth century. end He bought Chrapowicki. The latter newly arranged the manor house, built a luxurious residence, in which Tsar Alexander I and his wife, Elizabeth, repeatedly visited. There was a furniture factory in Chrapovicki manor, it produced artistic, luxurious furniture. After 1863 The Czarist government of the rebellion seized the Chaprapetyan manor. 1867 He was bought by Shuvalov during the competitions, and in 1869 These lands were taken over by the Count Genrik Kreic (he was buried in the manor park). So the estate went from hand to hand. Subsequently, these possessions belonged to Piotr Stolypin, Minister of the Tsarist Russian Interior. Stolypin was in 1906. the author of the Russian agrarian reform. Probably not without his initiative in 1911 The Russian government established a School of Agriculture in Dotnuva Manor, which, in 1915, was expelled to the depths of Russia. 1918 On behalf of the Lithuanian government, Dotnuva manor was acquired by Viktor Ruokis (1885-1971) with the school, later he became known as Lithuanian soil explorer. 1919 The Agricultural and Forestry School, which was headed by V. Ruokis, was established here. 1922 After the establishment of the Department of Cultural Engineering, the school was named the Agricultural Technical School. 1924 founded Academy of Agriculture. Lecturers settled here soon, staffed by academics with their families, workers, students. The derva became a separate town with a canteen, a shop, a small credit union. In the center there were large chambers of the Academy, there were educational institutions, offices, auditoriums, laboratories, reading room, library, student dormitory, kitchen and dining room. Then 300-400 students were studying there.
Near the Academy building, on a small island, – manor palace, built in the 19th century. in the second half. It is an eclectic rectangular three-story building, the central part of it is the narrow rassilite. From the park side, the palace was decorated with a small two-storey entrance with stairs leading to the nearby pond.
The Academy’s estate suffered painfully at the end of the Second World War. 1944 In July, troopers from the German Army stole the bulk of the Academy’s assets. During the fire a valuable library, equipment was lost. Since 1945 In the former building of the Academy there is the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture. The Academy has monuments to famous people who worked here – Prof. Dionizas Rudzinskas (sculptor Antanas Milkintas), prof. Stasys Nacevičius (Archbishop Jonas Vikaras), prof. Juozas Tonkunas (sculptor Vladas Vildžiūnas), one of the last owners of the estate, Genrik Kreic (1817-1891). The palace and other manor-owned buildings are surrounded by an old, picturesque park.
(Some information and some pictures taken from publicly available and accessible sources: http: //lt.wikipedia; http: //www.miestai.net/forumas).
Price: 27.000 EUR. No VAT object

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