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New warehouse

Nemajūnų g., Kaunas, Lietuva


* Access to heavy transport through high lifting gates, which are safely descended with electric drives;
* Fire protection system fully compliant with today’s European standard;
* Concrete new, even industrial floors, glossy hygienic requirements and heavy loads;
* Energy-efficient and highly efficient lighting;
* Access to the office from the warehouse;
* Storage space top: 3 of 4 sides are plastic windows with high thermal resistance – natural lighting; solar heat supply; ventilation;
* Warm glass packages;
* Warm foundation;
** The building is very warm and economical;
* 4 units of gate 6×4,5 m;
* 2 units of gate with RAMPOMIS 3x3m .;
** the possibility to install additional gate / access to the warehouse;
** separate accounting zones;
OFFICE AREA (200 sq. M.):
* Warm packages windows;
* Economical gas heating;
* Stylish and modern decoration in cabinets / halls;
* All showers and WC equipped with high quality tiles and equipment;
* Energy-efficient efficient lighting.
* The territory will be newly paved;
* Convenient car parking;
* Convenient maneuvering for heavyweight transport;
* Very convenient access (additional access roads are available);
* A neat forest on the south side;
* Neighborhood – privacy;
* Convenient connection with main and suburban roads;
* Nearby public transport station;
** There is a loading ramp;
*** Possibility to purchase a partial area, or to adapt the building / premises to the needs of the buyer;
Sales price: 500 Eur / sq.m. (taxes included).
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